Sourcing candidates
for local startups

Get recommendations of ready-to-interview candidates from local network of experienced recruiters hiring in London., Berlin., Paris., Amsterdam., Warsaw., Stockholm., Barcelona.

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How does it work?

Choose a suitable
recommendations package

Brief us on your startup's story and
hiring requirements in Typeform

Let our network of local recruiters
do the sourcing and pre-screening

Our community team picks best
candidates and prepare reports

Ready-to-interview candidates
are sent to your email or ATS

Accept recommendations
and start quality interviews

Build your dream-team today!

one good candidate at a time
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We’ve got some
good news for you today

Pay only for pre-screened,
interview-ready recommendations

Get fast recommendations from
a local network of startup recruiters

Reduce overall recruitment
costs up to 70% per job

Forget about overpriced
agencies or poor ads performance

Bring your startup's
story to a larger audience

Receive 100% refund
if you’re not satisfied

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Tech, business & operations

Looking for Engineering Manager, Head of Sales or Junior Finance Manager? Don't worry about a strong pipeline - we've got it covered.